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Moroccan FM talks to “Aljazeera channel” on AMU October 1, 2009

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Building the regional Maghreb Arab Union (AMU) hinges upon ironing out the objective obstacles that obstruct its movement since decades, which related mainly to political issues, Foreign Minister, Taib Fassi Fihri, said on Tuesday. Fihri, who was speaking to Al Jazeera news channel, said that “the construction of the Maghreb Arab Union is among the priorities of the Kingdom of Morocco.” However, to achieve such an objective “we need to level the objective obstacles existing for decades.”

These obstacles are “linked to certain political issues,” especially “the major problem of the Moroccan Sahara,” the FM said, noting that Morocco has presented a proposal to grant autonomy to its Southern Provinces as part of the country’s territorial integrity. The proposal enjoys “credibility,” according to the UN Security Council, which described it as “serious,” he said. Fassi Fihri stressed that it is a “regional dispute with the Algerian neighbors, who have a totally different vision and bear responsibility in the creation of this regional dispute.” He underlined that “Morocco has developed a future-oriented vision and focuses its interest on the expectations and present challenges in the region, especially those related to security.” The minister deemed that developing the economic potentials of the Maghreb would help bring about prosperity and development for the peoples of the region, adding that the partners of this region also need an “integrated” Maghreb union that is capable of playing its role in the African environment, in the Middle East and within the Union for the Mediterranean. The minister renewed Morocco’s call for “normalizing relations with Algeria” and for dialogue in order to “open [land] borders,” which, he regretted, “remain shut by a decision from the Algerian brothers.” “This dialogue can only be fruitful,” he went on, adding that “everyone in the region or elsewhere agrees that it is time to engage in dialogue and cooperation between Morocco and Algeria,” and affirming the readiness of Morocco to such dialogue and cooperation.




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