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Morocco denounces Algeria’s double standards on human rights issue March 17, 2010

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Geneva – Algeria persecutes human rights activists on its territory while it advocates these rights in Morocco, said on Tuesday, Morocco’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Omar Hilale.

Hilale who was speaking before the 13th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), said the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that the Algerian ambassador cited against Morocco is violated on a daily basis in algeria.

The Moroccan ambassador, in his reply to the Algerian ambassador’s criticism of the situation of human rights activists in the Moroccan southern provinces, said those activists are agents paid and manipulated by Algiers.

“The Algerian ambassador knows very well that these agents have always benefited from their Moroccanness and the democracy prevailing in the Kingdom,” Hilale noted, adding that these people were able to move in and out of the country freely.

However, these individuals were plotting with a foreign country in order to destabilize Morocco, the Moroccan diplomat said, stressing that  the Moroccan law, like in many other countries, punishes all kinds of collaborators with international powers and organizations.



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