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US letter endorses Morocco’s autonomy proposal as ‘the sole realistic solution’ to Sahara issue March 23, 2010

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Washington – The letter sent Tuesday by a bipartisan majority of senators to US State Secretary, Hillary Clinton, endorses Morocco’s broad autonomy proposal for the Sahara as “the sole realistic solution” to this issue, US expert Jay Peter Pham said here Friday.

“It is a very important move, especially when we consider it in the light of the letter sent to president Obama last year by 229 representatives, representing both political parties”, Pham, a member of the Washington-based National Committee on American Policy, told MAP.

On Tuesday, 54 Senators -led by Senators Diane Feinstein (Dem.) and Kit Bond (Rep.), respectively Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee- voiced support for a solution to the Sahara issue that is based on Morocco’s autonomy proposal.

The letter “shows that across the political spectrum in the United States, we appreciate the Moroccan autonomy plan in the Sahara as reasonable and in fact in the only realistic way forward,” he said.

For the US expert, Morocco’s autonomy proposal “respects history, the rights and the stability of Morocco, a long time ally, and is a source for stability and moderation in the Maghreb and the Arab Muslim world.”

“It also promotes the development of the people of the Sahara fully respecting their rights and offering a unique solution,” Pham added, stressing that Morocco’s proposal “is certainly in the interest in the united states and in the interests international community”.

Autonomy under Morocco’s sovereignty could also be “a buttress against forces of extremism and against disorder”, he said.



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