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The Throne day Royal speech: Morocco determined not to give up one single inch of Sahara August 2, 2010

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Tetouan – HM king Mohammed VI said that Morocco shall continue to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and is determined not to give up one single inch of its Sahara.

“Morocco shall continue to defend its sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity, for Moroccans are determined not to give up one single inch of their Sahara,” HM the King said in a speech addressed, on Friday, to the nation on the occasion of Throne Day.

“An integrated Maghreb is, in our opinion, a longstanding, cherished aspiration of its peoples. It is a strategic necessity and a pressing security requisite. It is an economic imperative to which recent regroupings and communities of nations have given added urgency,” the Monarch added.

“It is therefore our firm intention to pursue the necessary coordination and consultation to build closer bilateral ties with the Maghreb states, and wait for Algeria to stop moving against the logic of history, geography, legitimacy and legality concerning the Moroccan Sahara issue,” he underlined.

HM the king said that “Algeria must give up its desperate and vain attempts to undermine the process which was set in motion by our Initiative for the autonomy of our southern provinces.”

He noted that “this is an audacious initiative which stands as a realistic, innovative, consensual proposal that seeks to find a final solution to this regional dispute within the framework of the United Nations. In this respect, I want to stress again that Morocco shall continue to support the efforts of the UN Organization, its Secretary General and his personal representative.”

The Sovereign added that Morocco “shall move ahead with the implementation of the ambitious vision I outlined in my Green March address last year. Indeed, the Moroccan Sahara will be the top beneficiary of the advanced regionalization process. We will press ahead with our efforts to foster solidarity-based development in our southern provinces.”

Similarly, he went on to say, we are planning to undertake an extensive overhaul of the Royal Consultative Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS), step up efforts to secure the lifting of the blockade imposed on our citizens in the Tindouf camps, so that they may exercise their legitimate right to return to their motherland and join their families and relatives, in accordance with the relevant international conventions.



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