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Spanish journalist and writer lays bare Polisario’s imposture August 31, 2010

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Spanish journalist and writer lays bare Polisario's imposture

In this article, Chema Gil aims to unveil to the public opinion of his country, which is often misled, the reality of “a non-democratic group which does not tolerate any opposition.”

According to the author, the “polisario and Algeria have, for more than thirty years, been violating the human rights of thousands of Saharawis, who aspire for a decent life today; however, this reality is unknown to a fair number of Spaniards, who are still influenced by the events that took place in the late 60s and mid 70s.”

Gil said that the polisario assassinated Spanish fishermen and soldiers, deploring the fact that these acts are being overlooked by the media of his country.

The author added that the “polisario” is a terrorist group that imposes its law on its own population which, after more than thirty years, aspires to live in dignity, educate their children and achieve development in a country like Morocco.

According to the Spanish writer, there is no doubt the “polisario is a non democratic group” that claims to represent a puppet entity, where opposition is not tolerated and is at risk to be doomed to banishment, imprisonment or even disappearance.

Regarding the humanitarian aids destined to the population of the Tindouf camps, southwestern Algeria, the author said that these products never reach their intended recipients. “They are actually embezzled by the polisario in Algeria and Mali in exchange for weapons or used for smuggling”, the Spanish journalist added.0



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