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Law enforcement officers arrest individuals threatening dwellers of Gdim Izik camp eastern Laayun November 10, 2010

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Law enforcement officers, including the Royal Gendarmerie and the Auxilary Forces, arrested, on Monday morning, under the supervision of judiciary authorities and in accordance with legal regulations in force, individuals threatening the dwellers of the Gdim Izik camp, east of the city of Laayun.

A statement by the Interior Ministry said the arrested people include ex-convicts, individuals wanted for common law crimes, and opportunistic elements who are in no way related to the social demands, but exploit them for political ends according to a well-defined agenda. 

These people did not attach importance to the results of the dialogue conducted for two weeks by public authorities regarding the social demands, distorted its content and threatened and abused, physically and psychologically, the camps’ residents, especially women, children and the aged, to dissuade them from leaving the camp or taking down their tents.

This comes at a time when social demands are still being examined, by committees made up of public authorities, Sheikhs, elected members and civil society representatives, to meet them in conformity with the principles of merit and equity, the statement added.

Public authorities resorted to all means to lay the bases for a serious and responsible dialogue and had to carry out this operation, which lasted less than an hour and enabled to completely dismantle the camp, to preserve public order and ensure citizens’ safety against these individuals who broke the law, the statement added.

The arrested people will be brought before justice after the investigation’s conclusion, it said.



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